Specialist – DTP operator
with many years of professional experience provide

the preparation for printing

all kinds of publications (including electronic)


The range of services offered includes, among others:

  • typesetting

  • DTP

  • prepress production files

  • computer graphics


As a professional DTP graphic designer working in the field of desktop publishing since 1993.
My specialization is preparing to print all kinds of publications, such as:

  • ads
  • folders
  • catalogs
  • magazines
  • books

as well as large-format prints:

  • billboards
  • banners
  • roll-ups

I invite you to cooperation:

  • publishing
  • printing houses
  • agencies
  • all, who need of an expert, for which professional prepress (or electronic publication) has no secrets

For more information about my DTP and my typesetting services, please email to me.